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Open Shows

Madison County 4-H Association holds four open shows each year.  Proceeds of these events support the Madison County 4-H Fair.


2023 Handbook

Check out the great projects that are available. Grades K-12


Constitution and By-laws

The Constitution and by-laws are the rule of law established by the Madison County

4-H Association to regulate itself.


Board of directors

Madison County 4-H Association is made of club leaders organized within Madison County, any parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the Madison County 4-H program, and any other Madison County resident no longer eligible for participation in regular 4-H who is interested in improving the 4-H program in Madison County.


Board minutes

The Madison County 4-H Association Board of Directors meets on the 1st Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the exhibit hall.

These meetings are open to the public.

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