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About Madison County 4-H

One thing that tends to surprise people about 4-H is the breadth of our programming. Many people think 4-H only offers programming in agriculture, and that's far from the case. Of course, our roots are in agriculture, and we'll never lose that. Ag is hugely important to us as an organization and to the future of the world.
A lot of people are surprised to learn that STEM is our largest program growth area. Every year, 4-H youth complete more than 5 million 4-H STEM projects in computer science, small engines, agricultural science, engineering, environmental science, and more.

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In 4-H, members explore topics that interest them.

These are referred to as member “projects.” That could be anything from learning how to cook, build a robot, or care for the environment. One of the most important aspects of 4-H project work is that the 4-H member decides what they want to learn and do as they explore their project. This allows the project to be self-paced and gives children important skills in setting and working toward their goals.

Indiana 4-H serves the youth of the state by providing a strong educational development program by working closely with Purdue University.

This program delivers hands-on experiences in a variety of settings. Capable and committed adults assist in the 4-H program to guide and inspire our young people.

There are projects for EVERYONE – No matter what your interests.

Next Steps:

Our Sponsors

Several local organizations help support Madison County 4-H and it’s mission.

The Madison County 4-H is gearing up for the New Year and the 2023 4-H Fair this year!  We are currently looking for sponsors.

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